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WGD Joins Icons and Trail Blazers at 2024 Forbes 30/50 in Abu Dhabi on International Women’s Day

For the past two years, I have spent International Women’s Day at the Forbes 30/50 Summit in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The conference has powerhouse speakers from different walks of life and industries. Each year, I take this inspiration and infuse it into Women’s Golf Day and look at how we can inspire, empower and support women across the globe. This year, the take away is when people work together with empathy and intention magic happens. The Forbes 30/50 Women’s Summit took us on this journey through stories of women that have overcome outrageous obstacles in war ravaged areas as well as business and personal loss to success stories through preservice and belief in themselves and their passion.

We witnessed women standing in their power, taking care of themselves and shining a light on others. Mika Brzezinski Suze Orman Sallie Krawcheck Huma Abedin Sheila Johnson and the many amazing women on and off the stage share and mentor in such a way there is a seamless inclusivity. Thank you for so generously sharing your highs and lows and inspiring us all to Know our Value and step into our light and then reflect it onto our companies, coworkers families and friends. Like this WE all WIN.

I have had the pleasure to interact with Sheila Johnson in the past and caught up with her at the conference. She is a powerhouse of knowledge and inspiration. She was in my Two Good Rounds Titans book and one of two women in the book that own their own golf course. Thankfully since then there are more women that own golf courses and are Titans in a multitude of industries. An inspiring read is Sheila Johnson’s recently released book Walk Through Fire: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and TriumphAs the cofounder of BET and first African American woman billionaire she shares her deeply personal journey through love and loss, tragedy and triumph—an inspiring story of overcoming toxic influences, discovering her true self, and at last finding happiness in her work and life.

Sheila Johnson’s new book, Walk Though Fire, is available on Amazon!