1. Albatross: A score of three under par on a single hole.
  2. Approach Shot: A shot intended to land the ball on the green.
  3. Back Nine: The last nine holes of an 18-hole golf course.
  4. Backswing: The initial movement in the golf swing, taking the club back from the ball.
  5. Ball Marker: A small flat object used to mark the position of a ball on the green.
  6. Bent Grass: A type of grass commonly used on golf greens.
  7. Best Ball: A format where each player plays their own ball, and the lowest score of the team is used.
  8. Birdie: One stroke under par on a hole.
  9. Blind Shot: A shot where the golfer cannot see the target.
  10. Bogey: One stroke over the par for a hole.
  11. Break: The curve a golf ball makes on the green due to the slope.
  12. Bump and Run: A low shot used around the green.
  13. Caddie: A person who carries a player’s clubs and offers advice.
  14. Carry: The distance a ball travels through the air.
  15. Casual Water: Temporary accumulations of water on the golf course.
  16. Chip: A short shot typically made from very close to and around the green.
  17. Club Face: The part of a golf club that strikes the ball.
  18. Club Head: The end of the club where the club face is located.
  19. Clubhouse: The central building at a golf course, typically containing the pro shop and restaurant.
  20. Compression: The flattening of the golf ball at impact.
  21. Condor: A score of four under par on a single hole.
  22. Cross Bunker: A bunker that extends across a fairway.
  23. Cup: The container in the hole that holds the flagstick.
  24. Divot: A piece of turf removed by a golf stroke.
  25. Dogleg: A hole that bends at some point along its length.
  26. Dormie: In match play, being as many holes up as there are left to play.
  27. Double Bogey: Two strokes over par on a hole.
  28. Double Eagle: Another term for an Albatross, three under par on a hole.
  29. Downswing: The part of the swing where the club is brought down towards the ball.
  30. Draw: A shot that gently curves left for a right-handed golfer.
  31. Drive: A long-distance shot typically played from the tee box.
  32. Duff: A bad shot.
  33. Eagle: Two strokes under par on a hole.
  34. Fade: A shot that gently curves right for a right-handed golfer.
  35. Fairway: The area between the tee box and the green, where the grass is maintained at a short height.
  36. Flagstick: The pole in the hole on the green.
  37. Flange: The bottom part of the club head.
  38. Flop Shot: A high, short shot with a lot of backspin.
  39. Fore: A warning shout when the ball is heading toward a person.
  40. Foursome: A group of four players.
  41. Fringe: The grass surrounding the green, slightly longer than green’s grass.
  42. Front Nine: The first nine holes of an 18-hole course.
  43. Gimme: A short putt that the other players agree can count automatically without being played.
  44. Green: The area where the hole is located, with very finely cut grass.
  45. Green Fee: The charge for playing a round of golf.
  46. Grounding the Club: Touching the ground with the club before the stroke.
  47. Handicap: A numerical measure of a golfer’s potential ability.
  48. Hazard: Any bunker or water body.
  49. Heel: The part of the club head nearest the shaft.
  50. Hole-in-One: A ball that goes directly from the tee into the hole on a single shot.
  51. Hook: A shot that curves sharply to the left for a right-handed player.
  52. Interlocking Grip: A type of golf grip.
  53. Iron: A type of club with a flat, angled metal head.
  54. Knockdown: A shot with a lower than normal trajectory.
  55. Lag: A long putt aimed more for distance than accuracy.
  56. Lateral Hazard: A hazard that runs parallel to the line of play.
  57. Lie: The position or condition of the golf ball while it is at rest.
  58. Links: A golf course on coastal sand dunes, often with few water hazards and trees.
  59. Loft: The angle of the club face, affecting the trajectory of the ball.
  60. Match Play: A scoring system where the lowest score on each hole wins that hole.
  61. Mid Iron: An iron with a moderate loft, such as a 5, 6, or 7 iron.
  62. Mulligan: Informally, a “do-over” shot allowed after a poor shot, not counted in the score.
  63. Municipal Course: A public golf course.
  64. Obstacle Stroke: A penalty stroke.
  65. Out of Bounds: Area outside the defined boundaries of the course where play is prohibited.
  66. Overclubbing: Using a club that will hit the ball further than necessary.
  67. Pace: The speed at which a round of golf is played.
  68. Par: The number of strokes a skilled golfer should make to complete a hole.
  69. Pin: Another term for the flagstick.
  70. Pitch: A high, short shot, typically from 50-60 yards out, intended to land on the green and stop quickly.
  71. Pitch Shot: A short shot designed to travel through the air over a short distance and roll a moderate distance.
  72. Pivot: The rotation of the body during the swing.
  73. Plumb-Bob: A method used to determine the slope of a green.
  74. Provisional Ball: An extra ball played if the first ball is likely lost or out of bounds.
  75. Punch Shot: A low-trajectory golf shot.
  76. Push: A shot where the ball goes straight right for a right-handed player.
  77. Putt: A shot played on the green.
  78. Putter: A club used for putting, usually with a flat face.
  79. Quadruple Bogey: Four strokes over par on a hole.
  80. Recovery Shot: A shot played from a poor position, usually to get back into play.
  81. Redan: A hole with a green sloping away at an angle.
  82. Release: The point in the swing where the wrists uncock.
  83. Rough: The area of long grass adjacent to the fairway.
  84. Round: 18 holes of golf.
  85. Sand Trap/Bunker: A hollow area filled with sand, usually serving as an obstacle.
  86. Sand Wedge: A club designed for getting out of sand bunkers.
  87. Scramble: A format where each player hits a shot, the best shot is selected, and all players play from that spot.
  88. Scratch Golfer: A golfer with a zero handicap.
  89. Shank: A mis-hit where the ball comes off the hosel of the club.
  90. Short Game: Shots played on or near the green.
  91. Shotgun Start: A method of starting a tournament where players start at different holes.
  92. Slice: A shot that curves sharply from left to right for a right-handed player, often unintentionally.
  93. Stableford: A scoring system where points are awarded on each hole based on comparison to a fixed score.
  94. Stroke Play: A form of play where the total number of strokes is counted over one or more rounds of 18 holes.
  95. Tee Box: The starting point of each hole.
  96. Top: To hit the ball above its center, causing it to roll or stay low to the ground.
  97. Wedge: A type of specialized iron used for short-distance, high-altitude, high-accuracy shots.
  98. Yips: Nervousness or anxiety that causes a golfer to lose control of their putting.
  99. 19th Hole: Colloquially, the clubhouse or bar where golfers go after a round of golf.