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Celebrating Women’s History Month with Icons and Trail Blazers at Forbes 30/50 in Abu Dhabi

My passion is to unite women throughout the world and bring them to the forefront of the conversation through golf. This journey has led me to some pretty amazing places and people. It starts by creating more opportunities we have found this with Women’s Golf Day and in the golf industry, however this is not exclusive to golf, it is a universal truth. This is exactly what the Forbes 30/50 Summit did in Abu Dhabi, created more opportunity.

Drawing from the 30 under 30 and 50 over 50 –the young super-achievers who innovate and the legends and icons with priceless experience–Forbes hosted the greatest global event for women in history. Through the stories told by amazing women who have paved the path for many of us we found inspiration, opportunity, relatability, possibility, courage, community and connection. Hosted by Mika Brzezinski, founder of Know Your Value and host of Morning Joe on CNBC, the summit had a combination of speaker panels, breakout sessions and evening events that allowed for a variety of ways to connect with the speakers and attendees.

Connection is something I speak about with golf, the connection you create with the people you are playing with, connection with nature and with yourself. The importance of connecting with others became even more apparent for all of us around the world during covid. Since then, we all have a heightened appreciation for connection. The summit highlighted the importance of representation and Gloria Steinem, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Olena Zelenska – First Lady of Ukraine, Ayesha Curry, Billie Jean King, Jessica Alba, Misty Copeland, Malala Yousafzai and many others are living examples of what is possible. Their stories and truths gave an insight to the struggles, importance of perseverance, finding solutions to situations where there was no path previously, working in community and connecting with your tribe and knowing your value. I came away with new friends, great business contacts that are eager to truly engage in partnership, encouraged by stories of great resilience in the face of great danger and obstacles and inspired to continue to grow and enhance Women’s Golf Day around the globe. Connection, Community & Courage. Engage, Empower & Support

-Elisa Gaudet, Founder, Women’s Golf Day

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