Originally, the first Tuesday of June was selected to not compete with attention for professional tournaments, not compete with charity events that are usually held on Mondays, additionally many ladies’ leagues are already on Tuesday.  All of this also enables the golf industry and governing bodies to assist in getting behind and helping to grow this global event. We encourage locations to pick a time of day that will work for their participants and region. For working women later in the day and for others morning is best.

•Held historically on the first Tuesday in June, WGD now has official events throughout the week from the last Tuesday in May to the first Tuesday in June each year.  While we put most of our support behind the planned event on the first Tuesday in June, we want as many women to have access to the world of golf as possible.

Locations must register with us to hold an official Women’s Golf Day event or use our trademarked materials.  We encourage locations to share the experience on the day they host the event as well as on the Tuesday with the rest of the world. By becoming a member and a listed location, you can put your date in your custom listing, and still have access to all of our media kit materials. Featured locations will also receive support from our team to make your Women’s Golf Day the best it can be!